Sales conditions

Our special discount tickets are for regular airlines, and are therefore valid only for the airline(s), date(s) and destination(s) shown. Partly used tickets are not refundable.

Departure dates may not be changed: in case of no-shows, there are no refunds. Your ticket may not be transferred to other airlines or persons. In case of loss or theft, refunds or re-issue of duplicate tickets are not guaranteed and are not part of our contract. Name changes are not permitted and will be treated as a cancellation with heavy penalties.

Air travel is subject to operational decisions of carriers and airports. These decisions may result in delays or aircraft diversions over which Jetsetters Travel has no control. In exceptional cases, such as loss of tickets, we are cannot be held responsible and the only solution is to purchase a new ticket.

Transportations conditions

The airline companies reserve the right to modify or cancel existing flights.

We cannot be held responsible by changes made by the airline companies such as delays, routing changes, refusal to embark, airport changes when due to strikes, external incidences, technical problems, over-bookings, natural catastrophes, war, threat of war, riot, civil disobedience or strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or industrial disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, level of water in rivers, technical or maintenance problems with transfer, unforeseen operational decisions of air carriers such as changes of schedule, or any unforeseeable or unavoidable event beyond Jetsetters Travel�s control.

In these exceptional cases, we will try our best to propose solutions. Without being held responsible by possible increases. In the case of problems with one of our supplier, you must contact us immediately by fax or telephone in order for us to help/advise you. All personal contracts taken without our agreement will remain totally at your own charge.

Responsibility of our technical suppliers

For each voyage/package reserved with one of our technical suppliers, special terms and conditions apply. These special terms and conditions replace the terms and conditions written in the present contract. All our technical suppliers liabilities are insured/secured offered by Jetsetters Travel are secured by an insurance delivered by authorities and are legally binding.

Late arrivals for package holidays must be notified to the official representative. Failure to do so can result in the cancellation of the whole package by the technical supplier and the buyer could be the only one held responsible.

Although Jetsetters Travel makes every effort to ensure that published descriptions are correct, it does not own or operate airlines and other suppliers and cannot control or prevent changes. Jetsetters Travel therefore reserves the right to change the description of any flight and/or ground service before you book, in which case you will be told before a confirmation invoice is issued.

Occasionally due to reasons beyond Jetsetters Travel's control, it may be necessary to amend the flights and/or other services which make up a package booking after it has been confirmed.

No show

We cannot be held responsible by customer failure to check-in at designated time and place even for lateness of a connecting flight, train or overland transportation, even if these are due to �force majeure� or any unforeseeable or unavoidable event beyond Jetsetters Travel�s control


While every effort is made to avoid surcharges, the right is reserved to pass on any cost increase levied by the suppliers. No surcharge will ever be levied for air tickets after we have received full payment in cleared funds and tickets have been issued.

For Packages: Prices may only be changed to reflect government action, increase in transportation costs (e.g. airfares and cost of fuel), changes in dues and taxes or fees payable for services (e.g. landing taxes or embarkation / disembarkation fees at ports and airports) or to reflect fluctuations in exchange rates. Prices do not include: all pre-check-in services, vaccinations, tips, drinks, and all personal expenses. Prices may vary depending on seasonal period of travel or the number of participants.

Length of Packages
The day of departure, from the moment of check-in to the day of return at time of arrival, are included in the total length of the package. Packages are calculated by the number of nights and not the number of days.

The arrival on the first day maybe very late, even at night, the same for the return which maybe very early in the morning, which may involve leaving during the night. In these cases, no monies will be refunded if the first or the last night is shortened.

Visas and health requirement

For all our trips, valid passport / national identity card / tourism card / visa / parental authorization are mandatory.

Make sure you are fully aware of all visa and health requirements for your trip including layovers and transits points. Jetsetters Travel accepts no responsibility for customers failing to comply with these requirements.

As a general rule, countries outside European Union require passports to be valid at least six months after the intended date of departure from those countries.

To ensure, please contact relevant authority (embassy, consulate, tourism board,�) of the destination country(ies).

Failure to do so will result in heavy penalties and possible non refundable cancellation of your trip for which Jetsetters Travel cannot be held responsible.


Please reconfirm all onward and return flight reservations with the relevant airline(s) at least 72 hours before take-off to avoid possible cancellation of your booking.


Claims relative to your voyages must be sent by registered mail no later than 14 days following your return, including all relevant documents.


The prices shown on our travel confirmation are guaranteed only after payment is received. Payments by VISA or MASTERCARD or AMEX are accepted. The cardholder must be one of the travelers named on our travel confirmation. He or she will be legally responsible to us for any other persons named on the confirmation. Your Booking Form must always be accompanied by your payment.

Changes or cancellations

Notice of cancellations/modifications must be sent to Jetsetters Travel by registered mail together with the original travel documents. The cancellation/modification fees will be determined by the date your letter is received.

Without any notice, tickets are non changeable and non refundable. We strongly suggest that you subscribe travel insurance.

Warning: some special terms and conditions apply when booked with certain of our technical suppliers. These special terms and conditions may have special cancellation/modification charges which therefore replace the terms and conditions written in the present contract.
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